Friday, 9 March 2012

Kyun har rider chutti chutti karta rehta hai

As any explorer would agree biggest set back to just traveling and exploring is money. well don't just read it literally - if we are working towards earning, the next thing that hinders our way is LEAVEs.

Lazy goose that I am i don't apply for leave before hand for I believe planning never takes us anywhere, but fate does. Still I have plan A, B, C...and so on!!! Is that of use, when Murphy's law kicks into action.

The Grand Plan for the next few weeks included: 
Lonar, Aurangabad, Ajanta Ellora and Grishneshwar

Gaddha Mania with Bisons: Why is this such an important ride for me:
1. Personally I got to know about the Bisons after their ride to Lonar. 2. Now that I missed RM, wouldn't want to miss the next best opportunity to meet with fella riders from many other clubs. 3. Havent had a ride that would test my endurance 550+ kms one way and as our Captain says "NO PIT STOPS" - a meek voice in me says "aye aye captain"

Googlake pata chala, I can combine Grishneshwar Ajanta Ellora and Aurangabad. Them Samzy was also enthu for not wasting his leaves on Holi. We found more bakras - Sandy and Mihir. Captain was enthu but chutti ke problems.

Chote mote issues keep popping up. Too Chi and Samzy met with accident caused by oil spill. But just in time langda tyagi and TooChi were able to ride :) yay Tested this fact in NKF rally.

Again everything seemed set. you think so.. my colleague's nani was in life support. SymK went to Delhi. Syal bhi nahi. Realistically the extension to trip - well atleast i am not in. Sad !!! So much for my PLANNED SICK LEAVE. 

And I was giving gyaan to Samzy - Bandha toh kabhi bhi bimaar padh sakta hai. This plan was formulated when Samzy didnt get leave for Dajipur. The ride captain himself absconds for the ride. He had applied for leave and boss rejected in the last moment. Because he had told it earlier he couldnt even pull an Sick Stunt. After my case I realized kabhi bhi koi bhi bimaar pad sakta hai. Haan others can also fall ill.

Then Samzy also gets into hurricane of work - i was sadistically happy that if i am not going, no one is going but then Shana that he is jugaad maarke last moment ie on wednesday evening, got sandy and mihir ready.

Now they have reached Aurangabad. Seen Ajanta Ellora Grishneshwar and Bibi ka Maqbara. And I am sitting in office trying to work out a deal. Well it was a dilemma between ride vs responsibility. I would probably go parents come to visit me.

Story ends?? No, till 3 am i wont know if I would go to Lonar. Somewhere I feel i would somehow make this happen. Stupid teleco deal. I hate it.

The jist of the whole post is - you need to earn a ride, more the struggle the better it is. woh ride hi kya jispe blog na likhi jaaye!!!


  1. Chal, we start some venture that not only earns money for rides but also leaves....wat say?!

  2. sahi gal dassiya ji. chalo ji karde hain bijiness

  3. Oh Punit and Giggle... Main kehya ek dhabha kholte hai...

  4. Bullet and Rotti Dhaaba! Wat say?

  5. I still think my idea of following u guys in a tempo - probably add cooking facilities :) dhaba on the move

  6. I was reading the old comments :) Finally Samir did open it. #Nostalgic :) Proud of you Samzy